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A Flexible and Friendly Helping Hand


Hello, I am Andrea Cater, early 50s, mother of two teenaged children and eldest daughter of great parents who live locally.  I'm friendly, professional, cheerful, mature, very experienced, competent, discreet and reliable.


I love people, words, numbers, paperwork.... and problems!  I've worked at honing my skills in all these areas my entire adult life.  I have references from previous employers and professional colleagues as well as testimonials from individuals I have helped.


The initial inspiration for My Perfect PA was my parents.  They are both wonderful, intelligent and highly competent people in their own areas, but increasingly they are feeling "left behind" with technology and more and more overwhelmed by things they used to be able to deal with so easily.   Fortunately for me (and them!), I live close by and can help them out when they need me.


I began to think about how many older people there must be living all around me whose relatives lived far away or who were just not willing or able to give a helping hand.  Surely it would help them to have their very own Perfect Personal Assistant, just a few hours a month..., whatever they needed, to help them keep on top of things?  To liberate them from the worry and stress of that ever enlarging pile of envelopes in the corner, to write a compelling letter to deal with a difficult situation, to accompany them to an important meeting and take notes. or just help keep them on track....


And then the problem got bigger - I thought of all those suffering the anguish of divorce, bereavement, the diagnosis of a life changing illness, and the multitude of other events that conspire to product that dreadful feeling of overwhelm that we have all felt from time to time.  I remembered that feeling of being stuck, in a tailspin but going nowhere, of wanting help, but not wanting to burden those close to us with troubles of their own.  And I knew I had to act - to start to build a network of compassionate, experienced PAs - skilled in life and admin, pragmatic and upbeat -  to do the most important job  they'd ever done and support people like you, facing troubled times.  And so MyPerfectPA was born.


In an increasingly "virtual" world, it was imperative that we would offer face to face support in your own home where you feel comfortable and safe - not to mention that it's where all that problematic paperwork is stashed!  Of course, once we get to know you there will be things we can work on for you after a phone call or an email to explain what you need.


In terms of what we can help you with, the answer is pretty much anything - just ask!  


Just imagine how good it will feel. when speaking to your friends and  family, to be able to focus on the progress you've been making and the how much more in control you are feeling instead of feeling desperate and overwhelmed.  They may even be envious when you tell them about how handy it was that "My Perfect PA got it all sorted out, no trouble at all"  (You can give them the number!  07540 123132)


Drop us a line here and let's have that initial chat and start to change things for the better....