When you're overwhelmed and  need a helping hand...

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A Family PA can help you get your life back on track!

Who do we work with?


There are plenty of PA's who work with businesses, but we do something much more important!


Our niche is Family PA services and we work with people at pivotal moments in their lives.  We provide experienced, compassionate, pragmatic help to deal with the practical problems that are contributing to the sense of overwhelm and stress.  If you need and want help, we want to help you.  We do not judge, we just get on with what you need to be done and cannot face doing at this particular time in your life.  We get it.


Typical situations that clients are dealing with are:


Separation and Divorce  (Andrea Cater is an Accredited Divorce PA - find out more:   What's a Divorce PA?


Old Age

Diagnosis of a serious illness

Significant life event (including moving house)

General overwhelm



If something like this is affecting you, or someone you know, get in contact here (no obligation) and let's talk through some options....




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