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When & Where?


This is definitely not a "one size fits all" service.  We can make suggestions based on what has worked for other people, but ultimately, only you know what will work for you - and that is what counts!  Just tell us what you need.


There will always be an initial "getting to know each other" meeting, preceded by a telephone call.  You may prefer to have our first face to face meeting on neutral territory - maybe a local coffee shop  - wherever you feel comfortable to talk.  After that, there will usually be some work to be done that can be best achieved by being in your own home environment, but also certain tasks can be done remotely and agreed by telephone or email.  For those with a smartphone, tablet or pc, you might like to chat on skype to discuss options etc.


The "how often" and "how long" elements of our interactions will depend on the agreement we come to.  We are quite happy to work on a regular or ad hoc basis - it all depends on the challenges you are facing.


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when and where