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What's a Divorce PA?  


Andrea Cater is very proud to be the first accredited Divorce PA in the UK -click on the image to hear about it "from the horse's mouth"!


















"As a Divorce PA™ I have been trained by Alternative Divorce to have an overview of the Divorce adminstrative processes and also an awareness of the emotional and psychological effects of divorce.  I know how debilitating it can be, so that even small tasks seem insurmountable.  My service includes access to valuable resources such as the Divorce Organiser™ and Divorce Travel Guide™.


I am so delighted to have received the training to enable me to make a real difference to those going through a divorce or separation.  This work is such a natural fit with my original niche interests and having been through a separation myself I am only too well aware of how profound the effects can be.


The Alternative Divorce Directory is the brainchild of Suzy Miller (who I was fortunate to have first encountered some years ago in front of the chiller cabinet at a local supermarket!)  This unique directory offers access to the right people at the right times to make sure your children stay at the heart of your family even as your family changes form.


Suzy is a tireless advocate for non-adversarial divorce and separation and is frequent contributor to radio and television broadcasts and national newspapers and magazines when they discuss these matters.  I would urge anyone going through a separation or divorce to take a look at  alternativedivorcedirectory.co.uk and have your eyes opened to the many opportunities for making the whole process less painful for all concerned (and often considerably less expensive!).  It is highly likely you will find out things that your traditional lawyer will never tell you! "


If you'd like to find out more about how MyPerfectPA could support you with both the practicalities of everyday life and the enormous task of pulling together financial information and form filling that would be daunting for anyone, but particularly someone going through a traumatic situation like a relationship breakdown, get in contact here or call 07540 123132






even swans get divorced