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For a good half a year I was asking myself "How on Earth, did you a professional and of certain age end up with this bill? A bill of significant £3000???" And I would delay and delay addressing the issue because I was petrified to find out how I accumulated this bill.

That was a case until I received support from most patient, determined to help and knowledgeable person in the field. Andrea, not only investigated the matter, suggested possible ways out but also supported me in contacting the company in question on number of occasions.

If you are asking yourself if you can afford her services, I'd say you CANNOT NOT afford it. Your piece of mind is priceless and THAT's what working with Andrea will bring to you. Rima  (Bromley)  July 2017

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MyPerfectPA can provide focussed support to help you  face the challenging times of life and find your way back to your "best self".  Get in contact by clicking here  or calling 07540 123132 - the sooner we start, the sooner you'll be in a better place!

Peace of Mind

With the founder's recent background of 12 years as Head of Finance and Administration for an Information Security company, you can rest assured that Data Protection and Client Confidentiality are high priorities for MyPerfectPA.   For your added peace of mind, current Enhanced DBS certificates are available for inspection upon request.

Some months into what appeared to be divorce (happily the petition was later withdrawn) my affairs which would have been challenging at the best of times threatened to become a right train wreck while I passed my time in displacement activities. Suzy put me in touch with Andrea.  Andrea could manage my affairs as well or better than I myself. Anytime I looked doubtful she would reach for the phone and do it herself. Gradually everything got straightened out, sensitively and confidentially. I had never had a secretary so I didn't know how it might work but Andrea set about all the unopened mail first and it went on from there despite my emotional ups and downs, which I didn't have to pretend were not happening.  I am very happy with it because apart from the things getting attended to, the way we've set about it together has played a big part in returning confidence and feeling in control of my own life, which cannot have a price on it,  Furthermore obviously, one is very likely to save a lot of horribly expensive and perhaps annoying lawyers time with someone capable practical and sympathetic supporting, if lawyers are involved, or benefit from a detached view of any 'business' situation that might occur as upsetting. I was right  to ignore any suggestions like 'that's expensive' or 'pull your socks up and do it yourself' and hire Andrea. As Suzy put it, Andrea truly loves admin and also loves helping people get their act together.  Mr M, Kent   May 2017

Dear Andrea, Thanks for "de-cluttering" my paperwork and giving me a simple system I can work with going forwards.  It is such a relief to things under control.  Thanks also helping me to organise my thoughts and then type such a compelling letter for me to send to the Planning Authority. It is a real weight off my mind. Valerie,  Sussex   March 2017  

References from Former Colleagues of Andrea Cater:


Andrea has been a great employee and friend of the company and indeed myself.  Her leaving is a great loss to us as she has helped shape the company to what it is today, by sheer determination and dedication amongst many other attributes.  I personally wish her and on behalf of the company every success for her future pursuits.   Gary, Employer (of 12 years)


Andrea is a truly wonderful person both personally and professionally.  She has an inspiring nature about her, full of knowledge, energy and willingness.  Andrea never looks at things at face value and is always looking to improve both herself and also the business.  Andrea works tirelessly to complete her tasks, to assist others and yet always takes on more.  Not just professionally but personally I have seen Andrea help others, putting her own stresses and pressures to one side. A wonderful asset to the business, a beautiful friend and an amazing human being.    Maxine, work colleague (of 4 years)


Andrea has always been there to help, not only at work, but to lend an ear with personal things.  A fountain of knowledge and a great person!  Thanks for the memories, Andrea!     Sean, work colleague (of 8 years)


I would like to say a massive thank you to Andrea for all the blood, sweat, tears and ridiculously long hours that she has put in over the years – literally having gone above and beyond the call of duty so many times! While I will miss Andrea hugely on a personal and professional level, I want to wish her all the best and every success in her future endeavours.    Rob, work colleague (of 12 years)

Kind Words from Clients

Andrea - Thank you so much for reviewing my utility costs - it is amazing to think that the exercise will save me over £1,200 this year!  You also did an excellent job in helping me to sift through and organise my paperwork mountain and the handy summary sheet you left me with has already been most useful. Charles, Sussex  February 2017  

Thank you so much for all your help Andrea! My attitude has shifted from near defeat to energised positivity! You have facilitated that by helping me in just the ways I needed: improving my skills to work more efficiently, identifying and solving blocks to progress and unpicking problems and resolving them! Wow! Not only have the weights come off my shoulders but the brambles that fettered my ankles have been snipped away! Now I can forge forward! A thousand thank yous!! Tamara

August 2017