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A Family PA can help you get your life back on track!

How can we help you?


This is where you have to help us first - as there are so many things we could do for you, but you are the one that knows where your priorities lie.


Fundamentally, we hand-hold, guide and manage administrative tasks such as form-filling, paperwork, letters and telephone calls that people find difficult to face in a time of crisis and thereby enable them to regain a feeling of control and equilibrium – which enables them to make real progress in their lives.


We could give you a long list of all the things we have already helped with - but that may not include something perfectly reasonable that we just haven't thought of or been asked about before.


As a starting point, think of all the things that you dread dealing with - the things you wish you could have a hand with.  Those are the things we would like to help you with first!  Chances are, once you start delegating and seeing progress, you'll love it and think of more and more things you'd like us to do for you.


Many of the things we help with could apply to anyone such as:


Opening "frightening" post

Going through piles of unactioned paperwork, sorting, prioritising and getting things dealt with as needed

Making phone calls that you find too difficult

Writing compelling letters to address difficult situations

Saving you money by reviewing utility bills and other outgoings

Creating a list of all your key details and outgoings and who to contact about them

Decluttering and streamlining your paperwork and sometimes your thoughts!

Come with you to important meetings as moral support, to help you keep "on track" and take notes for later


Helping you to maintain your independence and self respect

Helping you to deal with problems - two heads are often better than one

Helping you to have a better relationship with your relatives (and not need to ask for their help as much!)

Helping you to spend more time to do the things you want to having delegated the unwelcome tasks!

Providing a friendly, upbeat and experienced (but impartial) ear


Some situations, such as separation and divorce, have their own challenges and Andrea Cater is an Accredited Divorce PA who has had specialist training in this area - find out more by clicking here:   What is a Divorce PA?


If a few of the thought bubbles below strike a chord, we need to talk as help is definitely at hand.  If it's something else, why not give us a call anyway on 07540 123132 and see where it takes us?  If you'd rather put it down in writing, click here - it would be great to hear from you.

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