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Friends Against Scams

Friends Against Scams is a National Trading Standards (NTS) Scams Team initiative, which aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims of scams by empowering communities to "Take a Stand Against Scams".


Friends Against Scams was created to tackle the lack of scam awareness.  We provide information about scams and the wide range of people who fall victim to them. Our aim is to educate and raise awareness throughout the community to help people understand scams, talk about scams and look out for signs that a loved one is being scammed.  


Friends Against Scams encourages communities and organisations to take the knowledge learnt and turn it into action.  Anybody can join Friends Against Scams and make a difference in their own way.


For more information, please visit the website: https://www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk/


The Police have published a very useful book "The Little Book of Big Scams" which is available as a pdf by clicking here.


My Perfect PA is delighted to be associated with Friends Against Scams and to be able to play a part in increasing awareness of this very troubling problem that affects financial, physical and mental wellbeing of so many people.

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