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A Family PA can help you get your life back on track!

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When you're having a tough time, you need compassionate, pragmatic and pro-active help, and that's what MyPerfectPA is all about.   Whether your problems stem from divorce, bereavement, illness or just reaching a stage in your life where you feel overwhelmed, having someone to turn to who is not directly involved can be just what you need.


We offer friendly, non-judgmental support and hands on help from highly experienced and flexible Personal Assistants, in your own home, to help you regain a sense of control and equilibrium.


We start at a pace to suit you and help you prioritise as well as getting the "dreaded" things done - phone calls, difficult letters and piecing together the information you need to take the next steps and get on with living your life!


We are happy to engage on a one-off, periodic or regular basis, to support at times of need, and also the planning and project management of large tasks (such as house moves).


Give Andrea a call on 07540 123132, or fill in the contact form - we can have a chat and take it from there.  You'll be amazed how much better you'll feel just for taking that one step and knowing you are moving in the right direction!

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Hello, I'm Andrea Cater.

I founded MyPerfectPA to provide focussed support for people like you - to help you  face the challenging times of life and find your way back to your "best self".  Do give me a call  - the sooner we start, the sooner you'll be in a better place!